Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Long Farwell

I know that these posts about our trip to Austria are super long and it has been a while since my last post, but I really want to finish blogging about it. Also I'm trying to limit the pictures that I post, believe it or not we took over four hundred pictures during this vacation. So I'm sorry but this is going to be a really long post, but it will be the last one about our trip to Austria.

So on Wednesday we decided to visit a small town named Murau. It's a town that many tourists probably don't stop in, but it has some hidden treasures. We spent the afternoon walking and hiking up to see the town's small church and taking in the beauty of the country side. Though it was not a busy day for us, it was still very special. I think that often when we vacation we are so busy seeing the famous sites that we forget the beauties that every day has to offer.

In front of the small church

Little town of Murau

On Thursday we went to Vienna. Vienna is a more modern town then Salzburg and so much bigger. I think it would have taken us a couple of days to explore all of Vienna, but we only had one day. It was a four hour drive to Vienna and from the moment we got there we were on the go. We went to two palaces and one church.

The Imperial Palace-Hofburg, it was huge. I think that one whole day could have been spent just at the Imperial Palace, that is if your three and one year old allow it. There were tons of museums that you could see and a butterfly house and the Spanish riding school. We did get to see the Crown Jewels.

The roof of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Schonbrunn Palace- This is a picture that we took of the outside, I don't even think that you can see Sharman and me standing in the middle of the staircase. This was the palace that the royal family used as their summer residence.

Can you imagine this as your summer home?

On Friday we went to Castle Hohenwerfen. It a 900 year old castle. We took a tour through the castle and we saw the weapons collection and a birds of prey demonstration.
Our tour guide ringing the bell

Hunter in the weapon collection room, with my listening device (for the tour). Somehow on every tour that we went on Hunter ended up with my listening device. So I think he knows more about Austria then I do.

Sharman and Mac guiding Walter. (I just think that this picture is super cute)

Castle Hohenwerfen

On the last day of our trip we drove into Germany and went to the Eagle's Nest. Weston has read a lot of books about World War II and really wanted to see it. And I must admit that once we got to the top it was beautiful.

I just love this picture of Hunter.

Well that is the end of our trip. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.