Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marching (March 1-12)

The sun finally came out in the month of March, and the boys love it.  We have been playing outside almost every day. Luckily on our street there are other small children, so there is always someone to play with outside. 
Quincy's initails are QB so football is in his future.  He has become more familiar with the ball.  And he is starting to learn the ropes. 

Quincy has become my shopping companion.  Here he is waiting in line at Wal-Mart.  I guess he really wants me to open those puffs. 

 And yes, I know I have said it before, but isn't Quincy the cutest little boy. 
One of my sister in laws asked us to write about the day to day activties that happen on a normal day, so though I don't have any pictures besides the one above and a couple of the craft night below, I thought I would include the write up of my typical day, because some of the moments are funny, and silly and other are just day to day life.
A day in the Life of a Mother with 3 boys
Wake up to two already full of energy little boys. (Hunter and Walter)
Remind them at it is only 6:30 and they don't have to be so loud, especially since Quincy is still sleeping
Get ready for the day and serve the boys a nice "homemade" bowl of cereal.
Quincy wakes up, and we finish getting everything done so we are ready for school.
Take Hunter to school, remind him to make good choices and tell him that we love him
Talking Time was cancelled so we did laundry.
I think I ran the washer and dryer all day with the mounds of clothes that these boys (that includes Weston) wear.
Start cleaning the house.
Daydream about all the home improvement that I would like to do.
Spent more time then I probably should on Pinterest
Run to the grocery store with Quincy and Walter
Quincy goes down for his morning nap.
Spend some time with Walter- we are really working on using the phrase (for talking time) "It's A (S-blend ) word" like "It's a spider. It's a spoon. or It's a string.
Lunch Time (Quincy is up by now)
Fold Laundry
Run into the other room because Quincy has fallen and hit his nose and Walter is screaming, "Quincy has a bloody nose"
Then I tried to clean Quincy up, but it wasn't very easy, since he didn't like it. I don't know if he was crying because it hurt, of because he was annoyed with my attempts to help him.
After that I wanted to clean up the family room, so I asked Walter to pick up his toys. He told me, that it was too hard. So for the next 40 min, while Quincy and I started on something else, Walter laid on the floor and complained that there were too many toys.
I told him we could solve this problem, by donating some of his toys to DI, he didn't like that idea and started to pick them up. But that only lasted a couple of minutes.
By this time, Quincy and I were in the kitchen. I was preparing dinner, and Quincy was enjoying a snack-Cheerios
The two boys from across the street came and knocked on the door and asked if Walter could come out and play.
I told Walter that he could go out and play as soon as the toys were picked up. Within 5 minutes he had all the toys picked up and was ready to go outside.
But then he came back in and said that he couldn't see his friends.
So Quincy and I went outside to help him find his friends.
We may have stayed out a bit to long talking with my neighbor, because when I came back in the smoke alarm was beeping.
I had left the spatula on the side of the pan and it had melted.
So the food wasn't ruined, but I think I might have to buy a new pan.
I finished making dinner- Shepherd's Pie
Went to pick up Hunter
Then dropped Hunter and Quincy off at home with Weston.
Then I went to the house of our newest Activity Day girl to welcome her to Activity Days and tell her a little bit about the program. (I'm the Counselor over Activity Days in the Primary)
Came home and got the table ready for dinner
Ate dinner and then cleaned up.
Finished cleaning while Weston listened to Hunter read his English and Spanish books.
Got ready for Craft Night which was meeting at my house
Got the kids ready for bed, baths, PJ's, scripture study
Then around 8 p.m. 5 ladies came over and we stayed up until 11:30 working a craft projects. I was able to finish mine, a felt chrysanthemum pillow. Super cute, and I look forward to putting it on my living room couch. That is whenever I buy a living room couch.

Here are a couple pictures from Craft Night.  It really was so much fun. 

 Heidi, Stephanie, Sarah and Lisa worked on Menu Boards
Jen and I worked on Chrysanthemum Pillows.  I forgot to take a pictures of Jen's before she left.  But I'm really excited about how cute they turned out. 

 Then last but not least here are two more pictures of my cute boys. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playing Catch-Up (February 12-28)

Weston had to be out of town on Valentine's Day, but when I woke up I was surprised with a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt.  Weston had left one clue on my nightstand with instructions to  not open until Valentine's Day.  He lead me on a six clue hunt which ended with a large candy gram poster.   

I was able to finish the hunt before the kids woke up.  We just had a simple breakfast, but I did pick up a small heart box of chocolates for the boys.  I made them strawberry milk, which is always a special treat.  And I was able to use my new mason jar lids.  The boys may have not noticed, but I such think they are cute.  

Here is a picture of my cute valentine. I hope Weston doesn't get jealous 
Hunter went to store with his valentines and came back home with this large heart pouch that they made in class to hold all the valentines. 

Here are some pictures of some of our valentine decorations. 
Last year I saw this quote baord on Landee See Landee Do and thought it was super cute, so I made my own. 
And do you see that cute little red teapot.  Weston got that for me, it was part of my scavenger hunt.
I thought it was the perfect finsihing touch for my mantel 

The little lightbulb on the end is from the valentine exchange party that I went to early in the week.  The poem attached read:

If the stars were mine
I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd put the stars right in a jar and give them all to you. 

Then the glass star in the middle is also from the exchange.  I didn't hang it this year, I couldn't decided whether to hang in the middle of the mirror, or hang it in the window.  But I LOVE it.  I can't believe how talented people are.  Becky Knusden made one of these for each of the ladies. 

Isn't it so cute?  And I love how the middle of the star is in the shape of a heart. 
If you are interested she and her husband have an etsy shop: PIGGY&DIRT where they sell these and much more.  I have spent many hours just looking at their etsy shop. 
The boys also wanted to help me decorate, so they cut out hearts and put them on one of the kitchen walls.   
Here's another decoration I got from the exchange.  Heidi made this cute sign.  I love how she made the "O" 

Some of the other exchange projects were yummy treats, which I think I ate all of, since Weston was gone. 
So the jumpropes were a much needed and time apportiate valentine. 

When Weston got home and saw the jumpropes, he went right outside and started jumping. 
When he came inside he told me that this was the first jumprope he ever owned. 
While he was in Florida, he brought a LEGO set from the boys, which they quick asked him to help them assemble. 

Quincy continues to be the cutest little boy.  Here he is exploring books.  

We had a boys movie night.  Hunter and Walter invited their friends the Schiffman's.  They decorated boxes to look like cars.  And we had a mini drive-in theater. 

Another cute memory was during school time.  Walter would put a marker in his mouth and then shot it out.  Quincy just thought it was the funniest thing.  He laughed and laughed, which of course made Walter do it more and more.

It was so cute that I took a video