Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Party- Quincy's 2nd Birthday!!

 As Weston and I discussed Quincy's up coming birthday we wanted to pick something that we knew he would love. He's a pretty happy boy and just content to play and read.  His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See. So after spending a couple of minutes on Pinterest and Etsy- here's what we came up with.  
 We got this invitations from Etsy: Smash Cake and Co.  

His actually birthday is the 22nd- so it worked out great!! 
We kept the decorating very simple- ballons and a banner.  

Here's a super cute one of Quincy and Tia Wendy!! And I have to thank Wendy for all the pictures-since I couldn't find my phone during the party (I found it after the party was over in the refrigerator- I can't believe it) 
We didn't serve a dinner just snacks and cake.  

All the food was labeled with pictures from the book.  We did get brown chocolate teddy Grahams for the Brown Bears and green gummy frogs for the Green Frog and of course gold fish crackers for Gold Fish.  

 After we talked with family we decided it was time to sing and have cake.  

 We had to move the cake down so he could blow out the candles.  

 For the cake, I made a six layer rainbow cake- I thought it would go well with the theme.  I was a little worried that the colors wouldn't be very bright, but when we cut into the cake- you could definitely see the different colors.  

After cake we opened up presents, Quincy wasn't quite sure what to do and didn't really get into ripping the paper.  So I had to help him.  

After that we sat around and talked some more and Quincy got to play with his new toys.  
For his birthday I made him a Baby Doll Basket using the pattern from MADE.  

 When it was all said and done- he had a great birthday and we are so grateful for our family that was able to come and celebrate with us.  We are especially grateful for Quincy, he really is such a sweet little boy and we are so happy to have him in our family.  We Love You Quincy!!❤️

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hunter's Cooking School (Spanish Class)

For a school assignment for Hunter's Spanish class- he did a cooking show.
It turned out pretty cute- I thought I would share.
I know that my family in Peru will enjoy it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

April in a Nutshell

School Project

Hunter's Curious cub project was due the week after Spring Break, he wrote his report on the solar system, and then painted a bunch of Styrofoam balls

And it turned into this:  

He did a great.  He loves learning about space,and he decided to hang up his poster up on his bedroom wall.  

Here is just a random picture I took of Quincy.  I just love his little face. 

Walter's Birthday

Walter's actual birthday was the first part of April.  We celebrated with a birthday breakfast and the opening of gifts.   

We got him a pirate ship, which he just loved.  

Later that day we had some family over for a birthday dinner (he chose homemade pizza), cake, and he opened more presents.   

Walter is a wonderful boy and we are so pleased to have him in our family.  

BYU Rugby

BYU rugby ended another great season (they won the National Championship).  Walter just loves going to their games.  He says that when he grows up he wants to be a rugby player.  

He loves the haka.  I've seen him several times in front of the mirror practicing and he has also taught the other neighborhood boys how to do it as well.  


April also brought the end of Spring Soccer.  Hunter still might not be the most aggressive player, but he has improved a ton since the the last season.  He was more focused, he kept trying and he got some awesome kicks in.  

Overall it was a wonderful season for Hunter.  

Walter has had a great season of soccer.  We still had to remind him a couple of times that there was no tackling in soccer, but he loved it.  He is a very determined little boy.  He had some great goals, and he also had a wonderful coach.  

So there you go-April in a nutshell.

Spring Break 2013

We decided to go to the ZOO! 
The boys loved it.  The boys both love looking at maps, so they picked up a map of the zoo and led us around.
First up was the baby elephant.  

Here's a picture of them looking at the map.

Quincy just enjoyed the ride.  

My favorite animal was the tiger.  

And of course we had to see the llama.  

Lunch time

Quincy may have gotten a bit tired of all the pictures.  

Later that day we went to the playground.  

We also hiked the Y, during spring break.  

And we also had enjoyed General Conference during Spring break.  The boys loved the conference board again.  

Sunday afternoon we also did apostle treat bags.  I had intended to actually make felt bags, but then I realized why not just use all the gift bags that I already have.  

I printed these dot to dot pages of the First Presidency for Quincy and he used his magnetic pom-poms.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easter 2013

So the next day after the double pirate parties we started celebrating Easter.
We started off by going to the Hafen family Sunrise Service.  We reviewed the Easter story and then had a small testimony meeting.
Usually after the sunrise service we all go to McDonald's for breakfast.  But this year I wanted our family to drive to the Provo City Center Temple and see the progress that had occurred.     

After breakfast we came home and the boys looked for their Easter baskets.  After  a couple of minutes the boys all found theirs.  

It was cute to see Quincy discover his basket.  

I knew that I wanted to include a stuffed animal, because he had loved cuddling with them.  

Happy Boys= Happy Mom

I realized that I didn't take many pictures of our Easter Week Celebration.  
This year I used Jen Lund's Easter Eggs idea.
But I didn't want to use a tree, so I found this cool twig looking basket at Target. 
And we also made an Easter Garden.  
Here is a picture of the entry table on Easter Sunday.  
The twig basket is empty because we opened all the eggs during the week.  

Then on the other wall we have our Easter picture timeline.  

Then across the room was our Easter/Spring Mantel  
I love my blue mason jars that I found at several antique stores in Oregon.  
And I made the baker's twine eggs in the cream bird cage.  

On the dining room table I had our egg holders and our dyed eggs that we used in the Egg Bash.  

And this year our winner was: Walter 

After a nice morning we got ready for church.  The boys got to wear their cute new Easter outfits.  

And then I attempted to take a group picture.  Here is the best one

After church we came home and had a nice Easter dinner.  

Overall it was a wonderful day.  We were able to focus on the true meaning of Easter and we were able to relax as a family.