Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Party- Quincy's 2nd Birthday!!

 As Weston and I discussed Quincy's up coming birthday we wanted to pick something that we knew he would love. He's a pretty happy boy and just content to play and read.  His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See. So after spending a couple of minutes on Pinterest and Etsy- here's what we came up with.  
 We got this invitations from Etsy: Smash Cake and Co.  

His actually birthday is the 22nd- so it worked out great!! 
We kept the decorating very simple- ballons and a banner.  

Here's a super cute one of Quincy and Tia Wendy!! And I have to thank Wendy for all the pictures-since I couldn't find my phone during the party (I found it after the party was over in the refrigerator- I can't believe it) 
We didn't serve a dinner just snacks and cake.  

All the food was labeled with pictures from the book.  We did get brown chocolate teddy Grahams for the Brown Bears and green gummy frogs for the Green Frog and of course gold fish crackers for Gold Fish.  

 After we talked with family we decided it was time to sing and have cake.  

 We had to move the cake down so he could blow out the candles.  

 For the cake, I made a six layer rainbow cake- I thought it would go well with the theme.  I was a little worried that the colors wouldn't be very bright, but when we cut into the cake- you could definitely see the different colors.  

After cake we opened up presents, Quincy wasn't quite sure what to do and didn't really get into ripping the paper.  So I had to help him.  

After that we sat around and talked some more and Quincy got to play with his new toys.  
For his birthday I made him a Baby Doll Basket using the pattern from MADE.  

 When it was all said and done- he had a great birthday and we are so grateful for our family that was able to come and celebrate with us.  We are especially grateful for Quincy, he really is such a sweet little boy and we are so happy to have him in our family.  We Love You Quincy!!❤️

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