Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oregon Jan 2013

We went to Oregon for one weekend (Jan 10-13).  Just Weston, Quincy and me.  It was so nice to get away for a little bit. The day we left it starting snowing, and we actually had to sit in the plane for an hour and a half at the SLC airport.  By the time we landed in Oregon it was pretty late, but we were still able to drive to the coast and begin our vacation.  
Quincy loved climbing in the suitcase.  He did these several times, while we were packing and several times in our room.  

The view from our room. 

In the morning we were able to sit and enjoy our breakfast and the view.  

On Friday we went on a short hike to the "Secret Cove"  It was a bit cool, but it was still a very enjoyable hike.  

All Quincy had to do was relax and enjoy nature.  
We made it to the top and decided not to climb down into the cove, since it was close to Quincy's nap time and because the climb down to the cove was pretty steep and I was a little worried.  

But we were able to get some good pictures.  

We had hoped to get back to the car before Quincy's nap, but I guess he was just too comfortable.  

Then on Saturday we went out to eat at a restaurant.  Weston ordered a yummy bowl of clam chowder.  Something that he never gets at home, since I don't cook sea food.     

Then after lunch we went for a walk on the beach.  

I wrote a little message for Weston on the beach and I added a heart shaped rock.   

Once again Quincy was just too comfortable and he decided to take another nap.  

The only family shot that we took.  

Then on Sunday we drove first to Beaverton to meet up with my old BYU roommate, Amber and her family.  We were able have a delicious Sunday dinner and catch up with one another.  

On Monday we flew back to Utah and we were greeted with more snow.  
It was a wonderful getaway.  Long enough that I was able to relax, but I was ready to come home as I had started to miss Hunter and Walter.  

The Atonement- President Boyd K. Packer

At the beginning of January we started back up with our General Conference Reviews.  We had kind-of taken a break during the Christmas holiday.  We started with President Packer's talk entitled, "The Atonement"
At the beginning of his talk, President Packer describes an experience he had in Western Samoa.  I felt like this experience was what I needed to focus on.  
So I first printed a map of Western Samoa

Then I slowly read the account to the boys and found the different places on the map, so they could better understand the background to President Packer's talk.
The following is taken directly from President Packer's talk:   (The Atonement, November Ensign 2012)

In 1971, I was assigned to stake conferences in Western Samoa, including the organization of a new stake on Upolu island. After interviews we chartered a small plane to Savai‘i island to hold a stake conference there. The plane landed on a grassy field at Faala and was to return the next afternoon to take us back to Upolu island.
The day we were to return from Savai‘i, it was raining. Knowing the plane could not land on the wet field, we drove to the west end of the island, where there was a runway of sorts atop a coral break. We waited until dark, but no plane arrived. Finally, we learned by radio that there was a storm, and the plane could not take off. We radioed back that we would come by boat. Someone was to meet us at Mulifanua.
As we pulled out of port on Savai‘i, the captain of the 40-foot (12 m) boat asked the mission president if he had a flashlight. Fortunately, he did and made a present of it to the captain. We made the 13-mile (21 km) crossing to Upolu island on very rough seas. None of us realized that a ferocious tropical storm had hit the island, and we were heading straight into it.
We arrived in the harbor at Mulifanua. There was one narrow passage we were to go through along the reef. A light on the hill above the beach and a second lower light marked the narrow passage. When a boat was maneuvered so that the two lights were one above the other, the boat would be lined up properly to pass through the dangerous rocks that lined the passage.
But that night there was only one light. Two elders were waiting on the landing to meet us, but the crossing took much longer than usual. After watching for hours for signs of our boat, the elders tired and fell asleep, neglecting to turn on the second light, the lower light. As a result, the passage through the reef was not clear.
The captain maneuvered the boat as best he could toward the one upper light on shore while a crewman held the borrowed flashlight over the bow, searching for rocks ahead. We could hear the breakers crashing over the reef. When we were close enough to see them with the flashlight, the captain frantically shouted reverse and backed away to try again to locate the passage.
After many attempts, he knew it would be impossible to find the passage. All we could do was try to reach the harbor at Apia 40 miles (64 km) away. We were helpless against the ferocious power of the elements. I do not remember ever being where it was so dark.
We made no progress for the first hour, even though the engine was at full throttle. The boat would struggle up a mountainous wave and then pause in exhaustion at the top of the crest with the propellers out of the water. The vibration of the propellers would shake the boat almost to pieces before it slid down the other side.
We were lying spread-eagled on the cover of the cargo hold, holding on with our hands on one side and with our toes locked on the other to keep from being washed overboard. Brother Mark Littleford lost hold and was thrown against the low iron rail. His head was cut, but the rail kept him from being washed away.
Eventually, we moved ahead and near daylight finally pulled into the harbor at Apia. Boats were lashed to one another for safety. They were several deep at the pier. We crawled across them, trying not to disturb those sleeping on deck. We made our way to Pesega, dried our clothing, and headed for Vailuutai to organize the new stake.
I do not know who had  been waiting for us at the beach at Mulifanua. I refused to let them tell me. But it is true that without that lower light, we all might have been lost.
We talked about what it must have felt like to be on the boat.  And how important the lower light was.  

Then we discussed this quote from the talk:

I wanted the boys to understand how important light truly is.  And since I can't send them off on a boat and have them be tossed by the sea and look for a light, this is what I decided on.  
Several weeks ago I had seen this idea and thought it would be a fun idea for the boys to do during the winter time.  After reading this talk, it seemed like the perfect fit.  
Here is the pin, when I click on the link I can't seem to find it on their blog, so I'm not really sure who to give credit to.  
When I told Weston want I wanted him to do, he just said OK and with in couple of hours it was all done. 
Weston made a tunnel out of cardboard boxes in our basement.  The tunnel went from room to room. And the only way to get through the tunnel was by a flashlight.  
So by using the flashlight (relying on Jesus) we will safely get through the tunnel (life) 

Throughout your life there may be times when you have gone places you never should have gone and done things you never should have done. If you will turn away from sin, you will be able one day to know the peace that comes from following the pathway of complete repentance.

And then we discussed how when they made a wrong turn in the tunnel they could continue to rely on the light to help them find the right way out.  
OK, so here are a bunch of pictures

As you can see the boys loved it.  They played in the tunnel for many days.  

Here is the whole talk:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Rest of Winter Break

We had a wonderful white Christmas.  During Christmas break the kids were able to play outside numerous times.  Hunter used his snowman kit to build a snowman.  
Sorry I didn't  get all my snow clothes on to get a better picture.  
They sledded down our front lawn.  And one day Weston took them to sled down at Rock Canyon Park.  I stayed at home with Quincy, so we didn't get any pictures.  

They played with the other kids from our street.  

And overall just had alot of fun.  

During all these activities Quincy stayed nice and warm, inside.  

Weston and I went out on a date.  First we went to JCW's for some burgers and then we saw Les Miserables.  
Isn't super cute?

We loved the movie.  I'm sure most of you have seen it by now, but if you haven't, you really should.  

With our BYU basketball season tickets we were able to go to Yogurtland twice.  Every time BYU scores more then 80 points- you can take your ticket to Yogurtland and get 5 free ounces.  The boys already love BYU, so this is just an added bonus.  

Then on New Years Eve we first went to Weston's parents house for some soup and games and then we came back to our house to countdown the New Years.  This year we invited the Wilkey's to join us.  I had a balloon for each hour for the kids to pop.  
7 p.m. photos
8 p.m. Snowball Minute to Win games (Found Here)
9 p.m. Dance -the Wilkey's brought there Wii and the kids played So You Think You Can Dance.  Super cute.  Wish I had taken photos.  
10 p.m. Movie and Popcorn
11 p.m. Ice Cream Break
12 am Ring in the New Year

All the yummy food.  We had way to much.  
I made these edible sparklers.  (Idea found here

Tic Tac's for the Mint-night kiss.  (Idea found here)

Sparkling Apple Cider Jello Jigglers (Idea found here

Here is the one picture I took of all the activities-our family photo.  
I cut all the photo props with my silhouette.  

The night was so much fun, while the kids watched the movie we were able to play games.  And all the kids stayed up except the two babies.  But they woke up when we started blowing the party horns to welcome in the new year.  

Later that week the boys were back outside.  This time I gave them water bottles full of colored water, so they could paint in the snow.  

We ended up with a very colorful snowman.  

During the break I cut (well I used my silhouette to cut) 100 of these.  
 to make these owls (one for each of the kids in our primary).   We used them for our Whoo Are You Breakfast.  
The Primary theme this year is: I Am a Child of God.  
They also found out Whoo their teacher was for the coming year.  

And the Bishopric served them breakfast.
The lanterns that are hanging around were turned into owls as well.  I just added some button eyes and paper beaks, paper wings and paper feet.

I also set up the bulletin board for the Primary Room.  Unfortunatly the mirror has already fallen off-luckily it's not broken, but I need to find a better way to keep it up.  

It was so nice to have all the kids home, hopefully we created a lot of good memories for them.