Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Card 2012

Hafen Family Top Ten For 2012
10.The rough number of kids that Walter tackled football style in soccer this year.  There are some things that are hard to teach a four year old with a linebacker’s physique  
9.  The number of scouts that Weston almost lost in an epic high adventure in Escalante Utah (“almost” being the key word)
8.  Hunter ran in his first mile race and finished in 8:45, good for 12th in his age group.
7.  Quincy crawled for the first time at 7 months, then he stood up and sidestepped a couple of weeks later, then he said “I am going to be the next Messi” (alright he didn’t actually verbalize that, but that is what his eyes said)
6. Number of years that Sue has been the best mom in the Universe.  If you don’t believe me read number 5.
5.   Number of chocolate chip cookie recipes Sue tried before she found the perfect one for high altitude cooking.  Nothing says perfect mom, like perfect chocolate chip cookies.
4.  Weston ran another marathon, blew up in mile 20, and finished in over four hours (not exactly a highlight, but motivation to train better this year)
3.  For the first time in 3 years we didn’t have to take a trip to the emergency room for croup (fingers crossed for the last couple of weeks in the year)
2. Number of minutes before Quincy took his first breath.  It felt like hours, but we are sure blessed to have him as a new member of our family.
1. One more great year in the books for the Hafen Family

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