Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oregon Jan 2013

We went to Oregon for one weekend (Jan 10-13).  Just Weston, Quincy and me.  It was so nice to get away for a little bit. The day we left it starting snowing, and we actually had to sit in the plane for an hour and a half at the SLC airport.  By the time we landed in Oregon it was pretty late, but we were still able to drive to the coast and begin our vacation.  
Quincy loved climbing in the suitcase.  He did these several times, while we were packing and several times in our room.  

The view from our room. 

In the morning we were able to sit and enjoy our breakfast and the view.  

On Friday we went on a short hike to the "Secret Cove"  It was a bit cool, but it was still a very enjoyable hike.  

All Quincy had to do was relax and enjoy nature.  
We made it to the top and decided not to climb down into the cove, since it was close to Quincy's nap time and because the climb down to the cove was pretty steep and I was a little worried.  

But we were able to get some good pictures.  

We had hoped to get back to the car before Quincy's nap, but I guess he was just too comfortable.  

Then on Saturday we went out to eat at a restaurant.  Weston ordered a yummy bowl of clam chowder.  Something that he never gets at home, since I don't cook sea food.     

Then after lunch we went for a walk on the beach.  

I wrote a little message for Weston on the beach and I added a heart shaped rock.   

Once again Quincy was just too comfortable and he decided to take another nap.  

The only family shot that we took.  

Then on Sunday we drove first to Beaverton to meet up with my old BYU roommate, Amber and her family.  We were able have a delicious Sunday dinner and catch up with one another.  

On Monday we flew back to Utah and we were greeted with more snow.  
It was a wonderful getaway.  Long enough that I was able to relax, but I was ready to come home as I had started to miss Hunter and Walter.  

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