Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

This post is mostly just pictures, but pictures of memories that we don't want to forget.
Christmas morning was wonderful.  The boys were so excited.  
Quincy woke up first, and I think that the only reason that Hunter and Walter woke up, was because they heard Quincy.  But it was past seven,so it was fine.  Both Hunter and Walter had asked for new bikes and legos, so they were both happy. 

Quincy didn't ask for anything, but he was still happy. 

Emptying out their stockings. 

This year we started a new tradition, called Brother to Brother.  The boys drew names of one brother that they were going to make a homemade gift for.  I helped a bit, but they did as much as they could.

Hunter got Quincy's name and decided to make this airplane/cloud mobile.  It's perfect for Quincy's nursery.  (I'll have to take a picture of his nursery-so you can get the full effect)
Idea came from here. 

Quincy had Walter's name, so I made this big game card clips.  They're for when we play card games, to help Walter hold all his cards.
Idea came from here

Walter had Hunter's name and made him a snowman kit.  He used a fake plastic carrot, and three huge buttons.  Then he made coal out of clay that we cooked.  Followed by a long piece of green felt for a scarf.  I did sew a felt top hat.  And then we attached all the piece to either dowels or golf
Idea came from here

Here's a little video

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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