Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Valentine Tradition

Last year I saw these chair backers at Pottery Barn Kids and really wanted to buy them, but they were a bit too expensive. So this year I saved up and was going to buy them, when I found out that PBK was no longer selling them. I first checked on ebay and they were going for much more then they were originally selling them at PBK. So I did the next best thing. With the help of my visiting teacher I was able to make these. Hunter loves them, he loves to check his valentine multiple times a day. He gets so excited when he finds something inside. I even asked the grandparents to write notes to be put in their valentine. It has been fun to think of little love notes for them. Walter may not understand, but I have enjoyed writing about different memories. I know that this is a tradition that we will keep for years to come, and I'm excited for when they (Hunter and Walter) can write notes for each other.

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Shanda said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! Its fun to see you again! I really miss Kansas! Hope you're doing well!