Saturday, March 7, 2009


Weston had a week of vacation time that had to be spent before the end of March so we went to "Mashville, Tennessee" (that's how Hunter says it). We had a great time and were able to relax and just have fun as a family. We stayed at the Wyndham Resort; it was like a small apartment, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small dining/living room and kitchen. We had so much fun with the kids.

On Sunday after church we went to the Botanical Gardens in the Grand Old Opry. This is the only family picture we got during the whole trip. The gardens were beautiful. This is my favorite picture of the kids in the gardens with the waterfall behind them.

Then on Monday we went to visit the house of Andrew Jackson. Unfortunately it was a really cold day and Hunter was not impressed with the house especially since he couldn't touch anything. Fortunately that night for our Family Home Evening activity we went swimming at the indoor pool that was part of our hotel. Hunter loves swimming, the water was a bit too cold for Walter, but I got a couple of cute pictures of him sitting pool side.

On Tuesday we went to Mammoth Caves. I think that was our favorite. The kids did awesome. It was the shortest tour only one hour, but it was perfect for Hunter and Walter, especially since we forgot to bring the baby carrier so Weston held Walter the whole time. By the end all Walter wanted to do was get down and crawl.

Cave Crickets- Not my favorite

Then on Thursday we went to the Nashville Zoo.

It was a great break and we left relaxed and happy and dreaming about the next time we could go on a family vacation.


Amber said...

Looks like it was a fun trip!

Jena said...

Cute pics - I'm so glad you have a blog, we miss you and I'm glad I have a chance to still see pics of you and your boys! TFS!

The Wallace Family said...

haha! i found you! looks like your cute family had a great time on vacation!

Shanda said...

That looks like a very fun trip! I would love to go through some caves! We did that growing up. I'm glad you were able to have a fun vacation!