Thursday, June 10, 2010


Weston and I started watching Lost when we lived in Indiana. The library had a wonderful video selection and we were able to check out the first two seasons. Ever since then we have watched the show every week. As I was looking at some of my favorite blogs I came across this idea at The Dating Divas. All the ideas below came from that site.

The first thing I did was print our Lost Series Finale boarding pass. They even say Oceanic Airlines on them. I was able to put our names on them and the date.

Then I used some of the food we already had in the pantry and I printed Dharma Food Labels. We didn't end up eating any of these since it was late. But I still thought it was cute.

But we did have a slice of this yummy cake. I used a box cake mix and I already had blue frosting from a baby shower that I had helped to throw. I also just happened to have toffee bits on hand for the sand. The palm trees are made from scrapbook paper and the airplane is one of the boy's toys.

Then I made matching PJ shirts that they had on The Dating Divas. They were so cute. They had the Dharma symbol on them and then around it they said "I'd get LOST with you any day"

It was such a fun and simple date.
I Love You Weston and I truly would get lost with you any day.

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Olivia W. said...

HOW FUN! I wish you guys were still in town so we could've had a LOST finale party together. The sad thing is that Bob and I have 2 more episodes to catch up on before the finale...we keep falling asleep while watching them. ;-)