Monday, September 6, 2010

Father's Day

Yes, I realize that it is way past Father's day.
But in June we had a really simple Father's day this year. Both of these ideas came from Family Fun magazine. I made Weston and both of Hunter and Walter's grandfathers fan club shirts. Weston and my dad's were pretty easy to make since there were only two kids to draw, but Mac's had 11 kids on it, so it was a tight fit.

Anyways here is a picture of Weston wearing his:

My favorite part is the bottom where it says Founder and President :)

Then I made these cupcakes that are suppose to look like a grill. I really wanted to buy Weston a grill for Father's Day, but he wasn't really excited about that idea-so here is the next best thing right?


valerie said...

Did you hand draw those shirts?? They look amazing Sue! Love the grill cupcakes. I am sure they tasted good too.
The boys look so cute and big.

Amber said...

Such great ideas! I might have to do the t-shirt idea next year.