Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Hunter has known that for Halloween he wanted to be a robot for several month now. Each time we would go to the store, he would remind us that we need to buy items for his robot costume.

There is a Curious George episode where George dressed up like a robot XF-17. So Hunter also wanted to label his robot costume XF-17. George also wears a colander on his head so we had to have a colander on our robot's head as well.

Weston and I decided that instead of using a cardboard box we would use a Tupperware container, so that it would be more durable. Weston was kind enough to make all the holes and spray paint the Tupperware. The hole for his head was a bit big, so I used some left-over batting to make the hole a little bit smaller and it also provided additional padding on his shoulders. I wrapped the batting in duck tape so it would be the same color and the Tupperware. We used dryer vents for the selves. For the front we decorated a pie tin (idea from Family Fun) and added a reflector light.

On the back we used more empty containers that I painted and two more reflector lights. Hunter was so pleased and happy and he even won a prize at our ward's trunk or treat.

I didn't know what to dress up Walter as for Halloween. I remembered that when Hunter was that age we dressed him up as a chef, because he loved to pretend to cook. I thought of what Walter loves the most and that would have to be art time at school, so he was an artist for Halloween.

His pants are just little black drawstring pants that I quickly made. His shirt is a 90-minute shirt following the pattern on MADE. I love making these shirts, I think the boys look so cute in them.

His beret was pretty simple to make. And I was able to use the same material as the pants. It was a little snug, but it fit.

Next I made the artist palette and brush. All of this was made out of felt which I just appliqued on. I knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold it the whole night so I added a wristband to it.

For his trick or treat bucket we used and empty paint can.

All and all I thought it turned out pretty cute.


Caprice said...

As usual, you are soo creative! I love Hunter's costume!!! We miss you!

Jena said...

So cute! They both look great!

Shanda said...

You're amazing!!! Wow! I love those costumes! Your trip to South America looked like so much fun! My girls are loving the pictures. They are really fascinated by South America right now.