Friday, February 12, 2010

Delivering Some Love

I made this mailbag for a school activity that I am going to be doing with the boys later this month. Hunter saw it and started playing and pretty soon he came up with the idea of using it to pass out his valentines that we had made for all the kids in playgroup. It was a big hit, he loved giving, which is a big step, as he usually just loves getting.

Here he is being a little shy.

Hunter had so much fun handing out the valentines that we decided to also hand out valentines at Daddy's work as well.

Special Delivery:LOVE

You can find out how to make the mailbag at Create Studio


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness the bag turned out adorably! What a great idea to use it for delivering Valentines!! Thanks for telling me about your post, it has made my day!
-Sarah from Create Studio

Shanda said...

Wow Sue! You are so amazing! & I saw those wreaths at your home when I came over--WOW! I didn't know you made them!

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

SO cute! I love this idea!