Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Of Regrets and Resolutions- President Uchtdorf

It's time for another General Conference Review.

I started off by showing the boys three badges: Sheriff badge (which we had from a old Halloween costume),  Firefighter badge (which I got from this link), then Weston's work badge.  
We talked about each one and how you can identify someone by they badge they are wearing.  The badge can identify what is important to that person.  
We then watched this clip from President Uchtdorf's talk

We watched the clip once the whole way then we watched it again but stopped the clip several times to ask questions, such as:
What badge is President Uchtdorf talking about?
What was the precious gift that the Lord gave to others?

Then we spoke about the regrets that President Uchtdorf mentioned:
I Wish I Had Spent More time with the People I Love
I Wish I Had Lived Up to My Potential
I Wish I Had Let Myself Be Happier

These were kind of hard for the boys to understand since right now they don't have any major regrets.  Their life is just full of fun and small adventures.

We then made badges.  We talked about what was important in each of our lives and how we wanted people to identify us.  I had made some small badges using two of my craft punches.  

Hunter:  Church, Family and Football

Walter: Family, Temple and Baseball  (sorry for the blurry pictures)

Then we made one for President Uchtdorf:  Temple, Family, Scriptures and a Airplane

Then we added his to his picture

Here is the whole talk:

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