Thursday, May 2, 2013

March Madness

(Warning this post is super long and has a ton of pictures)  

It'a been awhile since my last post, but we have been super busy.  March 22nd- April 9th are what I like to call March Madness.  I know that most people think that March Madness refers to the NCAA Basketball tournament, but in our house March Madness is birthday time.  All three of our boys have birthdays within that three week period.  And this year we also had Easter and General Conference during those same weeks.
But before we get to all the birthdays, celebrations and holidays.  There were some other fun, small family moments.  

Look how cute this little boy is!!!  He loves to climb onto the entry table.  

The boys woke up on St. Patrick's day to a path of gold coins that led to a box of Lucky Charms and green milk.  
I also made Quincy a new tie onesie for St. Patrick's Day and  Hunter and Walter got matching green ties.  I started them on Saturday and finished them on Sunday Morning.  
For the older boys I used this tutorial from I Candy Handmade.  It was simple to follow and the boys looked super cute with their green ties.  I unfortunately didn't take a picture.  

For dinner I made burritos with green spinach tortillas.  And I also made jigglers in the shape of green shamrocks and gold coins.  I also made these fruit rainbow kabobs.  

The days after St. Patrick's Day were fun and sunny and the boys enjoyed many afternoons outside playing with their friends.  

And here is another cute picture of Quincy.  Don't you love his smile.  

Quincy's Birthday
 Quincy's woke up to a pancake breakfast.  He wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but once he figured out that it was food, he ate it all up. And then he opened up his presents.  He got this cute activity puzzle from his grandparents and we gave him an outdoor swing, to hang in the tree in our front yard.   

We decided to have a small party and invite just our family.  And we went with a Cookies and Milk Theme.  Here are the invitations that I made using my Silhouette.  

Here is the cake that I made for Quincy to smash into.  

 I decorated the dining room with brown pom poms and blue tissue circle things.  

And here is the cookie buffet table.  
I made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicker-doodles, Homemade Oreos, Peanut Butter Cookies and Sugar Cookies.  I also made white chocolate milk mustache suckers and cupcakes with  Cookie Crisp cereal on top.  

I think that the sugar cookies turned out pretty cute.  I got a cookie cutter in the shape of a milk bottle and then put either a Q or a 1 on them.  

Then to drink we had white milk, chocolate milk and soy milk.  I love these drink dispensers that I got from Target.  
 And then I made this photo banner, with different pictures of Quincy though the last 12 months.  

Some pictures of the actually party

So many people think Quincy looks like Hunter.   What do you think?
Here a video of Hunter's first birthday

Space Adventures

In between birthdays- Weston took Hunter and Walter to the Space Adventure at the Provo City Library.  Imagine my surprise when Walter came back looking like this:

Here are some pictures that Weston took while they were are the library.

 Hunter's Birthday 
Hunter asked for pancakes for his birthday breakfast as well.   And he was super excited to open his gift and find a Solider's Fort.  He has played with his Fort everyday since his birthday.  

And then for his birthday lunch I wrapped each of this lunch items in wrapping paper.  He came home and told me how much he liked his birthday surprise.  

 Then for dinner, he asked for Chili Spaghetti and  a Yogurt Fruit Salad.  And for dessert he asked for a chocolate cake.  And since he asked for a Pirate Theme Birthday Party I tried to make the cake look like a Treasure Map.  

Pirate Birthday Parties

Both Walter and Hunter asked for Pirate Theme Birthday Party- so since they asked for the same theme, I decided to throw their parties on the same day.  
Here are a couple pictures of the set-up:
Anchor Door Welcome Sign

Dining Room table with red lanterns and black tissue circles.  

Pirate banner and a fishing net.  

When the kids came we dressed them up with Pirate hats, eye patches and swords.  
Then we played some Pirate games:
Walk the Plank
Sweep the Deck
Dig for Buried Treasure
Sword Practice
Captain Hook's Ring Toss
(we had more games planned but we ran out of time)  

Since we were throwing two parties on the same day we needed a bunch of food.  
We ordered some pizzas and had lots of fruit and fish and chips (Goldfish crackers and potato chips), crackers and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and pirate ship cupcakes.  

We had both red and blue juice and I found ice cubes in the shape of jewels that I thought would be a nice touch with the pirate theme.

 I think the kids enjoyed all the food.  

 And then we sang Happy Birthday.  

 We then opened gifts and then last but not least we had the kids break up a treasure chest pinata, and then the kids put all their candy in "x" marks the spots bags.  

After a couple of hours and picking up Hunter from school we did it all over again.  
But we had different games: (all of them were Minute to Win it style games)
Shake the Junk out of the Treasure Chest (just like junk in the trunk )
Separate the Gold (Skittle game with straws)
Tic- Tac-Toe Three ships in a Row
Sword Practice
Oreo Eye Patch
Floating (Balancing five soda cans) 
Marshmallow Target Practice

Then after all of that we ate and had cupcakes.  

We did another pinata (unfortunately neither Weston nor I got a picture of the pinata at either party) 
Then we waited for the parents to come and the kids continued to have fun

 After all of that my house was a mess, so we cleaned up.  After cleaning up for a little bit, Weston and I went out to dinner with the Wilkey's.  Blain works for Sundance to we went to Foundry Grill.  It was so yummy, and it was nice after a crazy day just to sit and relax and talk with friends.  
Then we came home and cleaned up some more and then the Wilkey's came over for a quick game night.  
We didn't stay up as late playing games as we usually do because the next day was the day before Easter and both the Wilkey's and us do the bunny and egg activities the day before Easter.  

 (And since this post is super long-Easter will be it's own post, even though it was part of the March Madness)  

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