Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Airplane Birthday Party

Hunter celebrated his fourth birthday last Saturday. A couple of months ago I had asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted and he said "Airplane Birthday Party" I knew exactly where to go to get ideas- Cutest Little Things. Judy had thrown a birthday party for her son a couple of months ago with the same theme and it was perfect. I order the same invitations and favor bags as she did-super cute!! I just wish that my cookies had turned out as cute as Judy's.

We decided that we would have different stations for the kids. To keep with the airplane theme we printed out pretend passports, and after each activity the kids would get a stamp in their passports.

We played airplane theme games like:

Take -off Obstacle Course

Bus, Bus, Plane (Duck, Duck, Goose)

Pin the Pilot on the Plane (Pin the Tail on the Donkey)

Pilot Says (Simon Says)
Pass the Black Box (Hot Potato)

Don't Get Caught Without a Plane (Musical Chairs) - Here a picture of the winner!!!

We ordered gliders from Oritenial Trading as well-

When the kids finished all the activities Weston pinned on their pilot wings.
Luckily Weston had just done some traveling he asked the flight attendants if they still give out pilot wings to the kids. Well when they found out we were having an airplane party they were more than willing to help and gave us enough pilot wing pins that each of the kids could get one. Here is Weston pinning Hunter.

Here is a picture of the passports with some the stamps the kids got after each station
Another fun thing was that as the kids were going from station to station, we had them take turns wearing Hunter's airplane costume from Halloween.

After all the fun games the pilots came in for some treats.

I love this picture of Hunter.

It was a blast and Hunter loved his special day.


Robin said...

You did an amazing job! I am looking for ideas for my critter's 3rd birthday and will use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Shanda said...

Wow Sue, I'm sad we missed this! Very creative! Looks like everyone had a blast!