Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Camping in Feburary

The third week of February we decided to go camping at the Valley of Fire. We figured that since moving to Las Vegas we better camp now, because during the summer, I don't think we are going to be wanting to spend of alot of time outside. Weston came home around 2 o'clock on Friday and we headed out. It was just an hour drive and we were there. The Valley of Fire turned out to be the perfect location for a family with young children. After setting up camp we decided to go on a short walk before it got too dark.

I was trying to get Walter to stand under the archway (I thought it would make a cute picture), but he just wouldn't stand still long enough.

It didn't take long before the boys were climbing on rocks and having a blast. After we ate dinner, Hunter wanted to be in the tent. He was so excited about sleeping in his sleeping bag. It was still early so we played Memory.

We could only get Hunter to play three rounds before he declared that it was time for bed. I wish he was always so excited about bedtime. The next morning we went out for three short hikes. The first one was to see some cool petroglyphs

The second one to Elephant Rock. Doesn't it look like a Elephant, we sure thought it did.

And the third one was to the Mouse's Tank

Hunter had so much fun playing in the sand. But by the end the boys were tired and just wanted to lay down.

It was just a one night stay, but it was sure fun to get away. Hunter has already asked us numerous times when we are going camping again.

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