Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was wonderful, stressful and fun.  I thought that I was so prepared but once again, I got things done just in the nick of time. And I am especially grateful to Weston and Wendy for all the help they gave me. 

Thing year I saw this super cute idea on pinterest from a blog entitled "Can't Stop Making Things."  I just loved the pilgrim shoes and moccasins, and I just had to make them for my Thanksgiving table.

I put a reddish/purplish leaf under the pilgrim shoes and a green leaf under the moccasins.  Then inside I put candy corn and chocolate gold coin. 

I just love the way they turned out.  And I think my family thought that they were pretty neat as well.  They made several comments about them and several of them asked if they could take their shoe home with them. 

Here is a picture of the whole table before all the guest showed up.  And then a picture of my last minute centerpiece.  I had to add the smaller table on the end after I got a text from my cousin early in the morning asking if she could invite three of her friends that didn't have any plans for Thanksgiving dinner.   I originally had the small pumpkin and two clay turkeys on the big table but I moved those to the small table.  Weston asked me what I was going to put on the big table and I told him I would have to think of something else.  I remember that I had bought this small fake pumpkins for a craft project that I never got around to making and the berry twine I got just because I thought it was pretty.  As it turns out I like this centerpiece a whole lot better, so it was a good thing that we had some last minute guest. 

 I forgot to take pictures of the spread and of us seated around the table, I was enjoying the feast too much.  I hope that another family member took pictures that I can share. 

After dinner the girls did a small Christmas craft. 

While we painted the men washed the plates and then played a board game "Ticket to Ride"

This years craft project was much better then the one I picked last year.  Everyone was able to finish with the exception of Wendy who had to go to work, so I finished her for her.  I think that they turned out super cute.  Simple and fun. 

The kids were watching a movie during all of these.  After the kids were done with their movie I had a Thanksgiving craft fo the kids to do and the men helped them with it. 

Brian with Ethan

Josh helped Walter as Gabriel looked on. 

And Weston helped Hunter

Afterwards we played the game "Turkey, Turkey Who has the Turkey"  which I found here.

My Uncle even got a nap. 

Overall I think every one had a great time.  

And we even had a little dancing


valerie said...

SUE! I miss you. Come back to Kansas City....

sue said...

Valerie- we miss you guys as well. Your Thanksgiving looked awesome. I would love the recipe for your cranberry salsa.