Friday, February 15, 2013

End of January

Winter Cooking

In my effort to be a better mom, I'm trying to do more activities with the kids.  I saw these cute snowman cookies and thought they would be fun for the boys to make.  The boys enjoyed dipping the Nutter Butters into white chocolate, they also enjoyed licking their fingers.  I didn't have any orange tic tacs, so I decided to use orange frosting instead.  And we just used leftover Christmas M&M's for the buttons.    The ones below are mine.  

It was a little harder for the boys to decorate the faces, but they didn't seem to care.  
The loved making the snowman, and they loved eating them.  

Weston's Birthday (33rd) 

We celebrated Weston's Birthday as a family.  He asked for his traditional birthday dinner and Carol's Cake for dessert.   Earlier in the day the boys gave Weston, several board games for his gifts.  

The boys also decorated a poster for him.  

Then in the middle of the afternoon, Walter told me we needed to decorate with balloons, so we ran to Macey's to pick up some blue (Weston's favorite color) balloons.  

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father.  We Love You

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