Thursday, February 7, 2013

Middle of January

Chef Walter McArthur's Cooking Show
One day in the middle of January, Walter came up with this new game.  He spent alot of time downstairs with the play kitchen and then slowly brought everything that he had made upstairs.  He then asked us to come and see what he had been up to.  He told us that this was, "Chef Walter McArthur's Cooking Show.  He explained what he had made and then asked us to try something.  It was so cute.  
He also brought up the cash register, so he could charge us.  
He makes a delicious pizza.  

 Quincy is super cute!!  One day he crawled under one of the bar stools and then decided to stand up.  It was such a cute picture.  Unfortunately right after I took this picture he decided that he wanted to get out and realized that he couldn't get out so he pushed the stool and fell.  

Craft Night
I was able to host another craft night-super fun!  It's so nice to just get together and talk and craft and laugh. The main craft I worked on was this valentine countdown:

Jennifer found all the items and even came up with a cute countdown idea which focuses on charity.  
For anyone that is interested she has included a link for the PDF on her blog.  

 And I was also able to work on this cute wood project from the Wood Connection:

Winter Craft-Snowflakes
I saw this cute idea: Borax Snowflakes, and knew that this was an activity that the boys would like.  I love making crafts, and I want to do more crafts with the boys, so  I'm also looking for boy friendly crafts.  

This idea was found at Delia Creates
I wish I had white pipe cleaners, but I was trying to use what I had so our snowflakes were more on the gray side.  

Men's Basketball
Weston's is playing in the ward's basketball team.  Usually their games are after eight, so the kids and I can never go.  But he finally had a six o'clock game, so we went to cheer him one.  The kids loved it.  They cheer so loud for their dad and the ward.  

The pictures are super blurry because I was trying to take them with Quincy on my lap.  And he kept wanting to help.  

Another week full of great memories.  

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