Saturday, February 16, 2013

Month of Love (February 1-11)

We started this month with a trip to Lowe's.  We are working on organizing the playroom downstairs.  I'll post pictures when we are done.  
But here is a shot of Walter and Hunter sitting on a shelf, while we waited for the guy at Lowe's cut the wire shelves for us.  

Groundhog's Day
On Groundhog's day Walter and I decided to make some groundhog cookies.  
I got the idea from; She Know: Food and Recipes.
They were super cute with cute details like eyes and teeth.  We just made no-bake cookies and put a tootsie roll in the middle.  

Provo City Center Temple
On Sunday our bishop told us that we should take some time to go and walk by the Provo City Center Temple. He said that the progress was a engineering marvel.  And sure enough he was right.  For our family home evening we walked around and talked about the temple.   

Isn't that amazing.  I have no idea how they did it, but it looks like the whole temple is on stilts   

Uncle Josh's Birthday 
Friday Feb 8th was my brother's birthday, so we went over to my Tio and Tia's house for a little celebration.  Josh had asked me ahead of time to make two banana cream pies.  So I was a bit surprised to see that in addition to my two pies, he also had two cakes.  

So we put a "two" on one cake and a "four" on the other.  He may have not gotten everything he wished for, but he had plenty of dessert.  

Let Me Call You Sweetheart Dance
After Josh's Birthday Party, we went home and met the babysitter, put the kids down for the night and attended the Stake's Valentine Dance.  We missed the dance instruction part of the evening, but we were still able to watch some BYU dance groups perform.   

We were able to find a group of friends and sit and talk and enjoy some yummy dessert.  We did dance, but just one song.  It was funny-because in the middle of the song Weston told me his hips hurt already from dancing.  
I love him, so much.  

Cute Quincy

No post is complete without a picture of Quincy.  He is just such a cute little boy.  

This is he favorite way to sit.  

Valentine Exchange Gift

Several ladies in my ward get together each year for a valentine exchange party, and they invited me this year.  I was super excited, but a bit nervous (that the ladies wouldn't like the craft I made).  I wanted to make something cute, but simple since I would have to make 15 of them.  

So I went to my favorite wood craft store: Wood Connection, in American Fork and picked up 14 small hearts.  I love the way they turned out.  I just think they are so pretty.  Here they are (13 out of the 15) all lined up.  

Valentine Surprise
The boys and I thought it would be fun to "Heart Attack"  Grandpa Mac and Grandma Sharman.  So on Sunday we cut and colored some hearts and drove over to their house, while they were in church.  

The boys and I put them all over their door and Weston shoveled their driveway.  The boys were so pleased with their work.  And Grandma and Grandpa told us that when they came home, it put a smile on their faces to see all the hearts.  

Sweetheart Date

For our Sweetheart Date this year I went with a "Chinese Theme"  
Most of the ideas came from:

Here is the invitation that I gave Weston 

We actually had to switch the date to Feb 11th, because the lanterns that I had ordered didn't come until Monday.  

I tried to hang the lanterns in a cluster around the light

Then on each plate I added this red Chinese food take-out container that I got from Hobby Lobby

Inside the boxes were some treats and inside Weston's were these felt fortune cookies.  
(The boys joined us this year, since it was school night)

For dinner I made:
Stir-Fry Noddles and Veggies
and Rice

Then we watched the movie: Mulan
And for dessert I made:

It was super yummy and super fun.  

This is just a random picture that I wanted to share.  One evening this is how I found Walter.  
I don't know what he was doing, but this is how he fell asleep.  

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