Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

General Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend was absolutely wonderful.  The boys loved the Conference Center board.  On Saturday morning I made Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  The boys loved them, and I enjoyed more then my fair share as well.
After breakfast we set everything up for Conference.  For Saturday morning we had "special word" treats.  So everything the speaker said: Scripture, Temple, Family, or Prophet, the boys got to have one of the pre-assigned treat.

President Monson made some very special announcements during the Saturday morning session.  His first announcement was that two new temples would be built one in Arizona and the other in PERU!!!!

 The boys started dancing and singing, "That's where Grandma Emma and Grandpa Walter live."
(For the record my parents live in Urubamba- which is a small town by Cusco, but this new temple in Arequipa will be a whole lot closer to them.)  I'm so excited for my family and all the people of Peru.  

Then with the second announcement that young men can go on their mission at the age of 18. And young women can go on their mission at the age of 19.  The boys soon realized that this meant that they could go on their mission one year sooner.  And I am excited to see what the young women will say about this at church next Sunday.  And Weston and I were reminded several times throughout conference about the important role that parents have in preparing their children for missions.  

The boys loved setting the board up and switching the speaker and topics.  They would go back and forth from the board to the treat table.  

Saturday Conference was wonderful!!!

Here's a cute picture of Walter drawing a picture for President Monson.

In between the two sessions of Saturday Conference we went on a family bike ride which seemed like the prefect thing to do after listening to President Uchtdorf's talk  
Sunday morning we started again.   I was a little worried that they might not be as interested in the Conference Board the second day,but I was wrong.  The boys picked up right where they left off.  

For our treats on Sunday we did "Apostle" treats.  Each of the remaining apostles who had not spoken yet were assigned a treat.  When they spoke the boys could enjoy the treat.

They were pretty excited when President Monson spoke since he was the KitKat bars.
Another fun moment was when Walter F. Gonzalez spoke.  Walter got a real kick out of it.  He thought that it was so cool that they shared the same first name.  He even started saying, "I wonder if Grandpa Walter is listening to Walter."  It's cute to see the little things that amuse him.

Towards the end of the Sunday Afternoon session, Hunter turned to me and said, " Thanks for making Our Conference Center."  These boys sure know how to make their mom smile.  

Overall the Conference Center board was a huge success.  It helps keep the boys focused.   They loved it.

You may be wondering where Quincy was during all of this, well he was mostly napping.  On both Saturday and Sunday he went down for a nap at the beginning of each session and he slept for about 1.5 hours each time, so he was awake for the last speaker of each session.  He was an angel and allowed his mother to sit and listen and just enjoy the speakers.

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