Thursday, October 4, 2012

The End of September

Soccer season came to an end in September.  Walter had his last game on Saturday. He really enjoyed soccer, and he loved having his dad as his coach.  He scored at least one goal every game.  We did have to remind him every game that this was soccer not football, so there was no tackling.  Here are a couple pictures from some previous games.  I was going to take more of his last game, but it started raining, so I just focused on keeping Quincy and me warm.

And then here is the one photo that I took at his last game.  

He loved soccer, and he had such a good coach.  Walter also had a really good team.  All the boys tried their best, and it was fun for Walter to have some of the boys from his primary class on his soccer team.  

Rise and Shout

Weston and I got season tickets to the BYU football games.  Last Saturday it was BYU vs. Hawaii.  And it was a true blue victory.  
(Do you like my caught in the headlights look?  So often in pictures I have my eyes closed, so I was focusing on keeping my eyes open.  But after looking at this picture I think I should focus not looking like a deer caught in the headlights.)

On your tickets it told you if you were suppose to wear white or blue.  So each section had a color and that way we you looked out at the crowd you would a pattern of blue and white.  I tried to get a photo of it, but it didn't turn out as well.

And here is the team setting up for the extra point.

 Hopefully BYU will have another victory this weekend.

One Year Older and Wiser Too

On Sunday we went over to Weston's parents house to help celebrate Sharman's 62nd birthday.  The kids had a blast playing with their cousins. And hopefully Sharman felt loved and is looking forward to many more to come.

The Great Outdoors

Weston also had the opportunity to hike Four Peaks in Provo with one of his friends (He is standing on peak two (above) and you can see peaks 3 and 4 off to the right in the background).  It took them from six in the morning until two thirty in the afternoon.  (8.5 hours) But it was well worth it.  He came back home a little scraped up, but already looking forward to his next adventure.

General Conference Prep 2
I finally finished "Our Conference Center" board.  From the moment I saw this on Jennifer Lund's blog, I knew I wanted to make it.  It is just such an awesome idea.  (like so many ideas that Jennifer shares on her blog)  It took me a little longer then I thought it would, but I'm so excited, and more importantly the boys are super excited to use it this coming weekend.

I can't help but smile when I see how excited the boys are.  At the end of FHE on Monday I explained to the boys how the board works, and then on Tuesday morning I found the boys playing with it.  I asked them what they were doing and they told me they were practicing for General Conference.

Jennifer has written a blog post on how to make the board if you are interested.  Right before I started working on mine, I saw on pinterest that Tiff Keetch had also made one.  Both Jennifer and Tiff have printable files.  So I printed and used parts of Jennifer's files and parts of Tiff's files.  
Here are the links:
Jennifer's Conference Center
Tiff's Conference Center  

Just one more day until General Conference I'm so excited!!!

And since no blog post is complete without a picture of Quincy, here's a cute one:

OK maybe two, he is just so cute.


Emily said...

Love the ideas!! Keep posting.

Jen said...

I love how your board turned out, Sue! It looks so nice. And that's awesome that your boys are so excited to use it. I hope it turns out super great. I'm sure it will. Way to go!!