Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween Past

In preparation for Halloween this year I thought I would provide a look back at the previous costumes I have made.  I can't wait to see the boys in their costumes this year.  I'll post those pics in an upcoming post.

Hunter 2006- Hunter Green Crayon
My first Halloween costume.  I remember sitting outside on the playground and thinking and thinking about what we should dress Hunter up for Halloween.  And it just hit me- a crayon, a Hunter Green crayon.  (I know it's a little cheesy)  I didn't have a pattern for this costume, I just took a baby sleep sack that we had and traced it and used that has my pattern.  

Hunter 2007- A Dog
This was the only year that I didn't make the costume.  I was pregnant with Walter and wasn't really feeling up to sewing a costume

Hunter 2008- A Chef
Hunter loved helping me in the kitchen and would often play with my bowls and spoons so it seemed like a good idea for his costume.   

Walter 2008- Mickey Mouse 
Walter's nursery was a Mickey Mouse theme.  So for his first Halloween he was Mickey Mouse.  I really didn't have to do much for this costume, since we had everything on hand, besides the ears which I got a party store.
(sorry it's so blurry Walter was kicking his legs)

Hunter 09- Airplane 
This was the first year that we asked Hunter what he wanted to be and he said, "An Airplane".  And it was the first year that we used something other than fabric for his costume.  
In case you guys are wondering here is the pattern from Better Homes and Garden that we used.  We just made ours red, since that is Hunter's favorite color.  

Walter 2009- Road.
 Walter loved playing with cars (still does) so we made him a road.  We just put him in black sweats and then added electrical tape and white reflective duck tape and then put Velcro on the back of some of his cars.  He loved it.  We got the idea from Family Fun

Hunter-2010 Robot
Hunter knew that he wanted to be a robot, months before Halloween.  We used a tupperware, dryer vents, duct tape, silver spray paint and a colander.  

Walter 2010- An Artist
Walter loved art time at school so we decided that he would make a pretty cute artist.  I sewed the whole costume and I must say I think it turned out pretty cute..
If you want to read more about either the robot or artist you can read that year's Halloween post.

Hunter 2011- Firefighter
Hunter had decided that he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up so he wanted to dress up as one for Halloween.  I found a pattern and bought the material and went to work.  I will say, I was so happy when this costume was done.  Sewing on the plastic like material was the pits.  If I made a mistake and had to unpick you could still see the holes from the previous stitches.  I made the jacket and boot like shoe covers.  Luckily Grandma had the helmet.     

Walter 2011- Cowboy
This was the first year that Walter told us what he wanted to dress up as.  I was able to find the cowboy hat at a party store and pattern for the chaps and vest at JoAnns.  I used eyelets for accents on both the chaps and vest and he had the star pin from a birthday party that he had attended.  

Making the kids costumes has become a tradition in our house.  And I plan on making them for as long as the boys let me.  I am a little ahead of schedule for this year's costume, which just means that hopefully I won't be sewing frantically on Halloween to get it finished.  How are your Halloween costumes coming along this year?

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